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We were pleased to shoot a poker themed corporate function in Sydney last week at which there were some cracking prizes for those who amassed the most chips. A bottle of Penfold’s Grange for the runner up is a pretty good second prize if you ask me!

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We thought it was a great idea for getting staff and clients mixing and socialising without it feeling like a networking event as every round saw players switch tables and meet someone new with every poker hand. There was a great mix of novices and ‘expert’ players and it was quite entertaining to watch the players with a gameplan get knocked out fairly early on and for the novices to sail through to the next round each time without really knowing what they were doing.

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As well as offering us the chance to get plenty of candid photos of clients and staff playing and chatting, it also offered plenty of opportunity for photos of staff posed with clients and probably few soon-to-be clients as the mood definitely got more jovial as the night wore on. I’m sure the photos will be hitting inboxes soon!

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It might look a little odd to bystanders at the time, but we always photograph the details at an event, whether it’s the name tags at the conference welcome desk or the venue staff preparing refreshments for the soon to be arriving guests.

Photographing the drinks at this corporate function in Sydney recently got us some funny looks!

corporate function photographer

It may not be the photo that gets proudly displayed in the CEOs office, but combined with all the other photos from the function or conference it goes to completing an overall picture of the event which is always useful for people who couldn’t attend.

Even those who did attend your event are often keen to see photos so we are always happy to provide an online gallery for you and your clients to share and view, which is especially important if you had plenty of branding at the event.

We ensure that we photograph a good mix of logos etc that give the viewer a reminder of who hosted the event or who the major sponsors were.

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