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Our first large conference photography booking after lockdown in Melbourne was at Crown Conference Centre and it provided a glimpse of how conferences are going to look in the post-Covid world.

Obviously social distancing, hand sanitising, temperature checks and mask wearing when required were all actively encouraged and used at different times during the conference, but the most noticeable aspects of what conferences might look like in the future were the participants.

Several speakers and panel discussion participants joined the event remotely and were able to not only deliver their presentations, but also able to participate in Q&A with other panelists and audience members.

With the whole event live streamed to delegates who were unable to make it due to travel restrictions or health reasons as well as a medium sized crowd in the exhibition and conference space, it really did feel like normal(ish) times again.

With the calendar starting to fill up for the remainder of the year, we’re looking forward to getting out and photographing more large events, conferences and expos.  Do feel free to get in touch to discuss your next event.

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