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We were pleased to shoot a poker themed corporate function in Sydney last week at which there were some cracking prizes for those who amassed the most chips. A bottle of Penfold’s Grange for the runner up is a pretty good second prize if you ask me!

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We thought it was a great idea for getting staff and clients mixing and socialising without it feeling like a networking event as every round saw players switch tables and meet someone new with every poker hand. There was a great mix of novices and ‘expert’ players and it was quite entertaining to watch the players with a gameplan get knocked out fairly early on and for the novices to sail through to the next round each time without really knowing what they were doing.

corporate function event photography

As well as offering us the chance to get plenty of candid photos of clients and staff playing and chatting, it also offered plenty of opportunity for photos of staff posed with clients and probably few soon-to-be clients as the mood definitely got more jovial as the night wore on. I’m sure the photos will be hitting inboxes soon!

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We recently received a call from a client asking about how the Ballroom Theatre at the Sofitel in Sydney worked out as a venue the last time we photographed an event there. She couldn’t quite picture the set up they would have in place for her corporate day of discussion and presentations, so we dug one out some of the photos from the archives for her.

And in case you happen to be wondering what the Sydney Sofitel’s Ballroom Theatre looks like when it’s set up for an event with several hundred guests…. here it is:

Ballroom Theatre sofitel sydney photos

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Sketch in Melbourne’s Docklands isn’t the first venue I think of when people are hosting a conference in Melbourne, but it’s a great alternative to the usual run of the mill event and conference facilities around the city.  With it’s converted warehouse exterior and slick but functional interior it maybe looks a little too cool to be suitable for a conference or corporate event, but why not eh?

It has all the necessary components, including great catering, superb acoustics, professional multimedia infrastructure as well as fabulous views of the Yarra river and Bolte Bridge.

It also transforms easily into a venue suitable for dinners and corporate functions, making it  a one stop shop for both your conference and evenings entertainment.

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It might look a little odd to bystanders at the time, but we always photograph the details at an event, whether it’s the name tags at the conference welcome desk or the venue staff preparing refreshments for the soon to be arriving guests.

Photographing the drinks at this corporate function in Sydney recently got us some funny looks!

corporate function photographer

It may not be the photo that gets proudly displayed in the CEOs office, but combined with all the other photos from the function or conference it goes to completing an overall picture of the event which is always useful for people who couldn’t attend.

Even those who did attend your event are often keen to see photos so we are always happy to provide an online gallery for you and your clients to share and view, which is especially important if you had plenty of branding at the event.

We ensure that we photograph a good mix of logos etc that give the viewer a reminder of who hosted the event or who the major sponsors were.

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Most of the company parties, nonprofit fundraiser and special galas are popular events. So when you are asked to have some shoots on this event, you need to be fully prepared.

Corporate or conference photography can get you bad reputations among creative because it sounds as unglamorous styles when it comes to photography. Although it is true that there are many aspects of successful events and conference event photos that can be very rote, however,  these events has a huge advantage to become more creative in expressions. The reason behind this is that it has schedule and set structure to successful events and conference events that is rarely deviates meaning. It is easy to build a shot list to get essential shots out of your way quickly. This means you have more time on your hands during these kinds of events to get creative. Whether you are a budding event photographer you need tips to build effective successful event and conference photography. This will lead to make your clients happy and can provide you many photography opportunities on them in future.

Here are helpful tips for your successful events and conference photography:

Some clients do not know what kind of photos they will need. So it may sounds frustrating but you need to remember that this vagueness from your clients will give you perfect opportunity. Most of the corporate clients want similar types of event photos. Since they hire you to capture images showing what they do in their jobs set up space and make sure people they invite will show up and will have a good time. Some of these captures are:

Set up shots of trade show booths, empty rooms, signage and promotional items. So you need to ensure that you will arrive early to take some shots before the guest arrive so that everything is intact.

Pose candid shots of VIPs or important persons in the company. Although this is extremely tricky, you do not have idea who is the CEO or big wigs of the company. So to handle this situations ask the coordinator ahead to accompany you to point out the executives and VIPs on the site. You do not need to be afraid in asking help this will help you make your work done right.

Make a wide angles and close-ups shots of any speakers. Get some shots of speakers where you can include the brand and signage in the photo. Remember to bring telephoto lens and prepare for a farther shoot. But if it is close shots make sure you do not block the view of the guest. 

Make the guest engaged and interested at the event. Make sure you get images that indicate everyone to have a good time.

Take a shot that indicates event that it was well attended like full room shots having lots of people. Pull out your zoom lens and give focus in larger clumps of people that tell that there are many people attend.

These tips will help you make your conference photography a successful one in your career.

When it comes to event venues and like with our children, we don’t have our favourites BUT….we do prefer some aspects and attributes of Sydney venues over others!

For instance, we love photographing events at the Sofitel in Sydney CBD, which is well worthy of it’s 5 star rating.  From the moment you first start working their event organisers you know you’re in very capable hands.

Conference and event photography can be hectic at times, especially when there are multiple rooms used within a venue or when break out group sessions are scheduled in for similar times, but helpful and experienced venue staff really help to smooth over that

Delegates and guests love it, suppliers like ourselves love it and the staff have a fabulous attention to detail – it all goes towards making an event a great success!

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Yes folks, we’re back in Melbourne following several jaunts around the country covering various conferences in Sydney and Brisbane.

We’ve even given Melbourne it’s own event and conference page which we’ll update in the not too distant future with recent photos from events and conferences we’ve shoot so far this year.

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